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Sharon McGonigal CaringBridge

Posted almost 4 years ago by Deborah Clark

Sharon McGonigal who has been an active member of PA ENA for many years suffered a medical emergency last week.  Her family has set up a caring bridge so you can send messages to Sharon and keep updated on her progress.  Sharon was the recepient of the 2012 National ENA Lifetime Achievement Award.  This award honors a nurse whose career achievements reflect dedicated service accomplishments adn/or contributions to emergency nurwswing that have value to emergency nursing beyond the recepients lifetime.    The link to the CaringBridge is ( copy and paste to your browser)



Linda Melly almost 4 years ago

Sharon and family just want you all to know that I am keeping Sharon in my prayers and wish her a speedy recovery. We will miss her at our August meeting but know she will be there in spirit.

Ruth Brewer almost 4 years ago

Just heard the news about Sharon, will definitely keep Sharon and family in my prayers.

Mary Beth Holland over 3 years ago

I hope you are doing well on your road to recovery!

Kay- Ella Bleecher over 3 years ago

Sharon has been home with 24 hour family, friends and nurses aide since she was discharged from Brethren Rehab Home in mid September. She has been doing well, but still needs a person to assist her with some of the activities of daily living, she is able to walk short distances, eat herself, and still goes to rehab two days a week. She was on Pradexia for her atrial fib and had started it 6 weeks before her stroke. She is doing well, able to go to church if she has a ride or has someone take her. Her severe arthritis in her shoulder and elbows make it difficult for her to move once she is sitting. Unfortunately the McGonigal family has had some bad new in that a tumor was found in her husband, Dan's pancreas and he has a bad diagnosis, additionally he fell taking the dog outside and had a communited 4 part fracture of his femur and needed immediate surgery. HE did well post op and went to Wellspan Rehab, Hospital. He went to rehab and developed chest pain and had elevated troponin levels, but is doing better with his pain control and his movement. Last plan is to have him back to rehab center when he is discharged from the telemetry floor at York Hospital in next few days, but they are not sure he will be home for Christmas. Sharon's children have the same kind personality, and have been wonderful in taking care of her and helping her at home. I spend time on Monday's with her and make supper, we watch TV and get her ready for bed. It has been a miracle to spend time with her and talk with her after the graveness of her situation in July. Please send her your prayers and thoughts. If you call on Monday I will make sure her phone is handy and you can talk to her yourself. She still uses her cell phone but sometimes get a little frustrated with the buttons 717 476-8746 home phone 717 632-0563.

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